I am new to this site. I have project that I have researched extensively and have found limited answers. I have pretty good carpentry skills but have never tackled the scope of the project that I have on tap.

I have a living room with a 16 ft cathedral ceiling. On the high wall that soars up to 16 ft is a where I pal on doing the project. I pal not do mission style wainscoting right to the sheetrock walls- there will be no breadboard, just white sheetrock.. Although he house is only 14 yrs old, the framing on the wall was horrible and I had to make some radical adjustments to get it acceptably flat in anticipation of ace[ting for the wainscoting frames / styles system.

I basically want to run a rail and style system right over the sheetrock. I plan on using ¾ pine around 16 inches on center (although I am sure I won’t be lucky enough to catch any studs since that would depend on the layout.) I want the rails to be about 4 feet apart with the styles at around 16 inch intervals. I will be building on the wall as I go,

My question is this; since I will be nailing the rails at 16 inches intervals and the styles can fit snugly in between, do I need some type of plate joiner or can I glue and nail.

As I said, I plan on painting and caulking any obvious opening but I am concerned about shrinkage in the ¾ inch pine.[/SIZE]

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated