My question is in regards to adding on to our Cape Cod style house or not. We already feel the neighborhood is worth it. It becomes either a good or a bad design decision. Can a good floor plan that flows come of an add-on with OUR Cape Cod? Let me explain... it is a 1+ story in the front yard, but the driveway that wraps around it goes down hill a storie's worth and leads into the tucked-under garage. The lot is tight on the right and has a joined driveway with our neighbors on the left. I would only want a small addition(MBR and bath and family room, but read on) so that our backyard does not all but disappear. If we added on, would the floor plan of our house flow? I am guessing that a much needed mud room on the main floor near the kitchen would be next to impossible? An actual foyer, out of the question... And how do the groceries conveniently get from the sub-ground garage to the main floor kitchen? Our kitchen was remodeled 3 yrs. ago within it's footprint, but it really needs to expand - cabinet space is laughable, but no longer funny. Hey, solving THIS Design Dilemma would make a great TV show! But in lieu of that, any smart architect out there is more than welcome to take a stab at it. My stubborn irish"mun" as I call him, has dug his heels in and does not want to move. This frustrated Mom of 2 growing hockey players/art teacher needs some space to create! Thanks for any input from any one of the knowledgeable fans out there! Thanks for reading!