Bear with me here. I have a difficult to explain and complicated problem.

Last summer I noticed that my backyard was getting really soggy. Now that all of the snow is melting, it's getting worse again. I'm not talking about the regular just kind of wet kind of thing. If I dig a hole a couple of inches down it fills right up to the grass line with water. As a matter of fact, my dogs have dug a hole in the corner of the yard and it's constantly full of stagnant water.

Here's kind of a chart of what areas have the most sogginess - Big X's are places that are below the grass line and are basically big puddles, little x's are where it's just soggy. The lines represent fences:

Neighbor A xX|Xxx      Neighbor B
Me       xxxxxXX| Neighbor C
At first I thought I might have cut open an underground sprinkler pipe, but I shut the secondary water off and it's still there. I looked over the fence and saw that neighbor B's flowerbed on the west side of his yard was under about 3 inches of water. Neighbor A was definitely hit, but not as bad as Neighbor B and me. Neighbor C didn't seem to get it at all, which is really weird to me.

The question I have is this: Who do I contact to get this checked out? If it's one of my idiot neighbors, I don't want to be stuck with a bill and just have them say, "It's probably your idiot neighbor." If my backyard has become some sort of drainage area, do I contact the city? I'm just not sure what to do so I know what the problem is and who to call about it. I know if I call them right now they'll just say it's the melting snow, but this has been going on since July. My dogs will attest to it because they love to drink the water in the corner. Yummy.

I personally think it has something to do with Neighbor B. But in this world, no one is going to say,"Y'know, you're right. I probably broke one of my sprinkler lines last summer. I'll pay a company a few hundred dollars to check it out." I'm also beginning to wonder if the land I'm on has sunk a few inches and all of the water pools up in our backyards.

I can provide pictures of the area if it would help. Thanks a LOT in advance. I'm planning a fruit and vegetable garden back there I don't want all my plants to rot.