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    Default sauerkraut smell

    Hi. When I turn on my central air system a bad odor resembling sauerkraut fills the house. First we though it was gas or maybe a dead mouse but this odor is distinctly sauerkraut and is driving me crazy! Any ideas on what this could be? Please help me.

    Katie Chamblin

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    Default Re: sauerkraut smell

    Do you have a humidifyer in the furnace for the heating system? I would investgate. It may be putrid.
    Another thing to check is the condensated pan & drain for the A/C. If it isn't draining properly you may have a similar situation to a rotten humidifyer.
    Does the smell come out of one duct or all? I would investigate the registers with a mirror & flashlight.
    Sounds like a call to a serviceman or ductcleaner if you can't find something. Something is out of wack & I wouldn't live with it.

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