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    Default How to find lost irrigation valves

    There are 22 solenoid valves in our yard - over the years 5 of them got covered up and were lost under the turf. A home grown method was needed to locate them.
    A 4" x 24" (aprox) piece of hardware cloth - 2 pieces of electrical wire about 3' long - a wife with good hearing and 2 cell phones are needed. Disconnect the lost circuit in the control box - connect one piece of the wire conductor to the hardware cloth the other end of the conductor to the control box hot screw. The second wire is used to extend the wire from the valve (not necessarily required). Make the circuit hot - then take the wire from the valve and stroke it back and forth over the surface of the hardware cloth i.e. making contact in a rhythmic way - causing the solenoid valve to open and close fast and rhythmically - creating a buzz in the valve that can be heard by the wife who has the good hearing. A general location of the valves is needed. The grill off your BBQ grill can be used in lieu of the hardware cloth. The cell phones are used so you don't have to holler at each other.
    It works

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    Default Re: How to find lost irrigation valves

    Fantastic.....saved me about 60 bucks and the "home grown" valve locater worked like a charm. Thanks

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