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    Default Interior Door not clickings shut

    I am in a 5 year old house and a few of the interior doors do not click shut when they are closed and can be easily pushed open.

    What adjustments do I need to make to get them to close properly. (they did close completely till recently, I assume the house is just settling)

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    Default Re: Interior Door not clickings shut

    The first thing to check is to make sure the hinge screws are all tight, if they are lose it can cause misalignment with the striker plate.
    Next check to see if the latch is lined up with the striker plate hole and that the door goes in far enough for the latch to engage the striker plate. Push hard on the door close to the knob and see if it latches. If it does the door may be slightly bowed, you may be able to remove the striker plate and enlarge the hole slightly with a file.
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