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Thread: Plaster repair?

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    Default Plaster repair?

    I am the proud new owner of 1 1910 colonial with horse hair plaster. In the dinning room we removed wallpaper to reveal several cracks and other issues in the walls. We opened up the cracks and patched with plaster of paris.

    There is one are that when prepping to apply plaster of paris, we ended up taking the plaster off all the way to the lath. This is an area roughly 5inched wide by 10 inched high. For this area what is the best method of repair?

    I am tempted to make a patch of 1/4 inch Sheetrock screw it in then coat with plaster of paris.

    I will try to get some pics of the area up soon.

    poor pic of the house:


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    Default Re: Plaster repair?

    For a small repair in plaster to cover 5"x 10" you can use the following mix.
    Lime 1/2 lbs.
    Sand 1 lb.
    Plaster of Paris 1/4 lb.
    Mix the lime & sand with water until about as thickness of very heavy whipped cream than add the plaster of paris.
    Apply this mix to with in about 1/8 inch from existing finish.
    When dry or set mix 60% lime and 30 to 40 % plaster of Paris with water use as a finish coat trowel smooth.
    For a bonding agent mix some Elmers glue 50/50 glue to water you can apply this ahead of the repair. Apply it to the wood lath and the edge of existimg plaster.

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