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    Quote Originally Posted by bp21901 View Post
    We have a hand fed Harmon burning nut coal. I figure I can hand load for another 15 years or so and then I'll go to a stoker. I like your prices! We pay about $185 / first ton delivered and $165 for any additional tonnage. I usually get two ton at a time, but I'm going to start getting 4 or 5 at a time. Prices had been steady for many years, but they have been going up the last two years. I'll burn about two ton this year along with some wood. When I get lazy or sore or tired or sick I let the propane furnace handle the heat.

    Some things to think about in your comparison...I think the btu / lb for coal is about twice what you get from pellets (rough number from memory). Also, you need to keep the pellets dry when they're stored, coal doesn't care about getting wet.
    Traditionally the larger the size of coal the more you will pay per ton. Mainly because the breaker {coal preparation plant** can always run a larger size back through the plant to break down to a smaller size. Seems hard to make it bigger though
    Fuel cost must kill the independent drivers who still are delivering anthracite. So we just run out with the Dakota and buy a scoop or two and head home and shovel like crazy. Plus you have a the best by-product of all, ash for those ice covered pavements....
    Also tracked down some numbers. 12,500 BTUs per lb of anthracite, shelled corn pellets and wood pellets about the same, 8,000 BTUs per lb.
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    We installed a pellet stove in fall of 06. Didnt use it like we should have that winter but this year we hardly turn it off. Ours needs to be shut down about once a week for cleaning, allow time for complete cooling. Buy the best pellets you can find. The extra $ is well spent(less cleaning much better burn). Our stove is a U.S. Stove Co. model 5500. It holds about 90 pounds of pellets. This will go for a good 12-15 hrs on heat setting of 5 of range 1 to 9. Much cheaper than oil

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