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    Unhappy Basement still leaking

    My basement has always leaked. Usually just a trickling across the floor from the back and side walls. We wanted to finish the basement so we installed a sump pump. After the concrete was filled back in around the trench, I sealed the seam at the wall floor joint with Dry lock compound and also painted water proofing paint on the walls and floor around those areas. I was very meticulous about everything I did. To my disappointment, water is seeping up through the floor and bottom of wall in one small area. This is in the area that we are planning a bathroom and were just about to put walls up in that area. I just finished putting drywall up in the rest of the basement and all other areas seem to be dry. Also the sump pump is kicking on about every fifteen minutes. I can't believe water is coming through all the water proofing that I put down! Help!

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    Default Re: Basement still leaking

    I recently posted a comprehensive reply to a similar question; look for it. In your case it seems that the water is seeping up from underneath the floor, the worst scenario to deal with and sometimes incurable from a practical point of view*. Still, it's worth the effort to try what I've already posted.

    *With enough time, money, and effort nearly anything is possible but that's for you to decide since it's your money!

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