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    Unhappy Lally column replacement

    While cleaning out the basement I noticed an apparent problem with an existing lally support column. Please note the following:

    At the very top of the column within one foot of the top bearing plate I found vertical 'splits' in the tube steel of about 3 and 2 inches long. These cracks showed a little rust and may well have been there for the past 40 years.

    Instinctively I feel that this is a problem. The house is a simple single story ranch. There does not appear to be any deflection of the beam being supported.

    I have placed a temporary jack post as a pre-caution.

    Is this a common problem with lally columns? Could it have been caused by non plumb initial install resulting in 'lateral' axial load?

    Since tube is concrete filled is it ok to leave as is or will it worsen? Should it be replaced?
    Has anyone seen this type of 'failure before?

    Thanks for any input as I am somewhat concerned?

    Happy Holidays

    Kenny, NY
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    Smile Re: Lally column replacement

    No one resposnds to your question because this website and board is getting like the show, weak! Just like the characters in the show, No one cares anymore unless there is $$$$ involved. Unless it's the latest and greatest of technology, they don't care!
    Back to your concern. I've replaced lally's before. They are not easy by any means. Cracks and rust are common though to some extent can be a sign of problems. Removing the old column is the hardest part. You'll need to support the beam and both sides of the floor joist with temporary supports or walls. Then cut out the old lally. It is most likely set into a footing in the floor of the basement. You'll need to do the same when re-installing the new one. Check with your local building codes regarding the size of the footing.
    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Lally column replacement

    Do you have more than one column in the basement? Just curious as you indicated that there was rust on the 'failing' column and was wondering if moisture was an issue in your basement?


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    Default Re: Lally column replacement

    What makes you think its been that way for 40 years? If it has been I'd probably leave it alone, although if you try to sell the house a smart buyer would give you a hard time about it. It's also hard to tell how bad it is from your description, some pictures would be useful.

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