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    Default New House HVAC in attic

    My New house has its HVAC system in the attic. Does it need to be enclosed in a room ?? To help moderate the temperature change ?

    Also the ductwork is hung up in the air... should it be lowered to the ceiling and covered with insulation ? I live in Georgia and am more concerned with the cooling side of the unit

    I am planning on enclosing the unit in a well insulated room.

    Thanks TerryMack

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    Default Re: New House HVAC in attic

    What you have is very typical for homes in the South . I have never seen an attic installation that was enclosed . You could even cause other problems by doing so . Just make sure that the ductwork itself is insulated .

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    Default Re: New House HVAC in attic

    Dido I live in Charlotte which is the same a Georgia .the units work fine- enclosing them in a non ventilated space would be worse.If you also have a gas furnace the air for combustion would need its own vent.You have to make sure the units duct work and unit connections are sealed.Any leaks will cause condensation and mold due to the humidity in the attic.also make sure the drain is clean-at every spring start up you can pour bleach down both drain lines -check the ends for mud dobbers a backed up drain line is bad news. If its new it should be code

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