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    I am painting a bedroom that has a textured ceiling painted white. The ceiling texture looks like a sponge-type application that was smoothed over slightly to allow some of the texture to still show through (I'm not sure what you call this). I have TSP to scrub the walls which are painted drywall. Do I use TSP on the ceiling also? Or what else should I use on the ceiling and do I clean with a sponge, rag, brush ...?

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    Well, if the ceiling is truly painted, you can try the TSP, but personally I would just use a quality paint with good adhesion without the cleaning. It's not a surface that gets handled, and unless it's in the kitchen where it might get greasy, or the bathroom where it might get wet, you should not have to clean it before painting.
    If you don't care for the texture, you can wet it to see if it can be sc****d, or resurface it with joint compound. Then prime and paint!

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