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Thread: Drip in tub

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    Question Drip in tub

    Our tub has a constant drip. My husband was going to take the cold handle off, but the screw won't come out easily and he is afraid he will break it. We don't know what is causing it. I'm supposing some type of gasket or O ring from some of the other threads I've read. Also, what do we do with the screw that won't budge?

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    Go to the auto parts store and get some "Break Free" and spray that on and let it set for 30 minutes minimum. The problem is that inside your cold handle is a valve stem that is not seating properly or is worn out. The best best is to replace the whole valve stem if you can. It should cost about $15-30 for one valve stem. TURN OFF THE WATER! If you take out this vavle stem without turning the water off you will get wet. very, very wet. Good luck. Process of elimination.

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