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    Default Cast iron to steel radiators

    We are going to be doing a total gut rehab on our kitchen and would like to get a low profile steel radiator to replace our current cast iron one. The room is 12 x 12 and faces the North and will have new insulation a new door and a new thermal window. The current cast iron radiator does not really make the room hot, but it is also about 80 years old and the room has little or no insulation. Using a btu calculator I determined we need 6400 btu's. If we went a steel radiator at 5347 btu's, would it be sufficient?

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    Default Re: Cast iron to steel radiators

    Hard to definitely say that the new rad will do the job.

    Other factors would be a) if the height of the kitchen ceiling is the standard 8', or something higher; b) if the boiler water going thru the old rad is 180 degrees or much lower (this would depend on the piping setup, & if the kitchen rad is at the beginning or end of the piping distribution line).

    If your heat calc is accurate, it should be close.

    You can always add a kickspace heater (site below) to add additional heat if the kitchen is still cool.

    Kickspace heaters are tailor-make for kitchens, where space is cramped & there is often little room for radiators.

    They fit into the base of cabinets, take up no extra room, hook up to the HW system, & have a little internal fan to distribute their heat.

    You might nix the steel rad altogether.

    See if you can get the btu/hr output of the old rad at the rad sites below.

    At the Beacon site, click onto residential items/Twin-Flo; many other mfgs make kickspace heaters, so check for price.

    There are several other convectors at the Beacon site that you can hook up to your hydronic system, so check them ALL out.
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