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    Default Noisy steam radiator


    I live in a 70 year-old apartment and the steam radiators in my apartment go off like canons every 3 hours or so, especially the one in my bedroom. The noisy symphony lasts for about half and hour or so and then it dies down...until the next playing roughly 3 hours later! Last winter I really struggled with this and really don't want to go through another winter of this.

    I am attaching an image and an mp3 of the sound the radiator makes. Any suggestion(s) on how the problem can be resolved will be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Noisy steam radiator

    Couldn't hear much on the MP3. If the radiator is out of level , you could have water covering the end of the pipe. You might try shimming up the end away from the pipe and see if that helps.
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