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    Default How to install dishwasher panel

    Our original dishwasher had two wooden panels that match existing door fronts in our kitchen. We now have a new dishwasher (two-panel door), but do not know how to install the wood panels. Please advise.

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    Default Re: How to install dishwasher panel

    Don't know for sure, but I bought a new refrigerator and dishwasher for both of which I bought wood panels. The good thing was that the kitchen cabinets were made locally by a small furniture manufacturer. I took the model number of both appliances as well as a door which I had removed as a sample and went to the factory store. No problem - except that it did cost a fortune for the panels. I did take the opportunity to have a gallon of the exact same stain made up.
    I am sure that even if you do not know the manufacturer of your cabinets, a local cabinet maker could make the doors you require for whatever dishwasher model you bought. The problem is that each manufacturer and has different specs for the door panels. It is unlikely, though possible that your old ones can be made to fit.
    As to installation, the documentation you received with your appliance should state exactly how the panels should be attached. They either screw to the existing appliance door from the inside, or they slide into a slot which rims the outside of the door. You must of course attach the door handle prior to attaching the wood panel. Couple of tips. If the backside of the wood panel is not finished, finish yourself it so as to protect the wood from the water and hot steam environment. Second, only use stainless steel screws to attack the panel.
    Hope it helps. One final note about my experience with wood panels on dishwashers. THEY WARP. I'm yelling because I went nuts with a leaking door. The dishwasher door was leaking on the left corner and I/we determined after taking the panel off that the problem was that the wood panel had warped and prevented the door from properly sealing. If I took the door off - no leak. But of course, the door was then unfinished. I attempted to find out if I could obtain the finishing material that the factory put on when they sold a dishwasher which did not accept a wood panel. This was impossible. The price of a new panel was prohibitive, given the fact that the dishwasher is 9 years old.
    Moral of my sad story. I will never buy a dishwasher for which I install a wood panel. I'll take the factory-finished stainless steel, or black of whatever. They leak enough as is. I don't need to create more porblems.

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    Default Re: How to install dishwasher panel

    Make sure you have these materials first:

    Dishwasher Panel Materials:
    Tape measure
    beadboard panel
    Saw, miter saw (optional)
    Wood glue
    Finishing nails
    1-inch molding
    Sandpaper, tack cloth
    Latex paint
    Hook-and-loop tape

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