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    Default New Cracks in Old Wall

    I have a 1920's Victorian house that seems to "develope" new cracks when it goes from hot to cold in a short amount of time. In the South, that is a few times a month sometimes. Is the dramatic temp change causing it? The foundation and all look good and no noticable sloping. The ceiling started cracking around a old painted over attic door. The wall cracks seem to follow straight lines where different parts of the wall meet.

    thanks for any help.

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    There are so many cause that come into play with wall and ceiling cracking. My first thought would be to look at the soil drainage. As the ground swells from moisture, the foundation would move and move the rest of the house. So look and see if the cracks reappearing has any thing to do with rains or flooding. with that eliminated you could then consider other causes.

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