I just saw the episode that featured the teak end-grain counter top, that was sweet. I've made numerous butcher block cutting boards out of maple, but I was curious if any one had some suggestions for replicating the teak counter top. I would imagine the majority of the countertop would be 3" thick with an apron 4-5" thick. I would mount the entire thing on a double layer of plywood (making up the difference in thickness between the field and the apron). The teak blocks looked roughly 1 3/4" x 3" and then turned on end. I imagine using Resourcinol, but is there a cheaper route (epoxy based perhaps)? I would probably use some splines during glue-up to ensure alignment, and then I'd probably take it somewhere that had a wide belt sander and give it a level top prior to install. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance