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    Default almond color tub, sink and toilet- still in fashion?


    Is having an almond colored tub, sink and toilet still in fashion? We are remodeling a bathroom in our almost 100 year old house to make it more sellable( plan to move in next year or two). The tub is in good condition and is an almond color. The toilet and sink need to be replaced. We like white better. We want everything to match, but are reluctant to get a new tub just because of the color and have some concerns about having it resurfaced. We just don't want to spend money unnecessarily. Though we do like white better, if we can make almond work, we wanted to consider that first.

    I don't see almond colored tubs, toilets and sinks in any of the current bath magazines and just wondered if this could work against us somehow in trying to sell the house. Does anyone know?

    Would appreciate feedback on this.


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    Default Re: almond color tub, sink and toilet- still in fashion?

    sure almond is still in style, as long as the rest of the bath fits in with complienting colors.

    bead board in baths also look very nice if done correctly. and not set on top of the base board as I have seen it done. but cordinate everthing and you will be fine.

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