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    Default tree roots and how far to stay away from

    While watching the carlise house, seg. 10 / 11 they were putting in a septic tank, and only spot was out back very close to a very large tree, they were concerned about root damange and killing the tree. They used a formula, as a rule of thumb, i would like to know that formula please.

    Some thing like this: measure the trunk at chest high, 1/2 dia. eguals ???? and each inch equals a foot away from tree, is as close as you can come to be safe, from killing the tree. any help? mj

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    Default Re: tree roots and how far to stay away from

    While I'm not completely sure on this, I do know that for certain trees, the 'feeder' roots are around the 'drip line' of the tree (i.e. where the ends of the branches stop). Also, some trees are very shallow rooted and have a very wide root system, whereas other trees are deeply rooted with a more compact root system. So, I would say that it would depend on the specie of tree you are dealing with....I would personally contact my county extension office for more information.

    Good luck!

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