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    Cool what to do with old house

    I resently bought a farm that I wanted. It has a old house on it that I planned on tearing down. Now I own it, I don't have the heart to tear it down. It is a very large 2 story early 1900's house. My question is... Who buys old houses and restores them in Missouri?

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    Where in Missouri? I've had my eye on an old 2 story that is sitting vacant on a farm not far from me. Might be yours!

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    We bought an old bungalow and it needed a fair amount of structural work. Although we could have afforded to tear down and rebuild, an extensive renovation does have some financial benefits. We are grandfathered on a lot of city bylaws to start. Our city (Vancouver) has different rules on renovations / rebuilds.

    Also we are still using 6 out of 8 walls ( 2 floors) so we're creating a lot less garbage.

    Lastly, god 100 year old fir is like steel it is so tough. I notice that as I am sistering up joists, the screws go through the new wood like butter. As soon as the screw hits the old wood, the drill screams bloody murder and slows right down.

    A very worthy compromise for us!

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