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    Default water hammer in steam pipes

    i have a recently updated steam boiler heating system which is working fine, however the steam pipes occasionally bang. i know that this is called water hammer. a heating contractor told me that the pipes were pitched fine and said to replace the little valves on the side of the radiators. any other opinions??

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    Default Re: water hammer in steam pipes

    Pipe noise is caused by steam hitting water condensate as it returns to the boiler.

    This could occur anywhere due to a pipe partial blockage from the radiator to the supply pipe, to a main steam vent in the cellar, the hartford loop, etc.

    You can, and should, check the pitch of the radiator pipes yourself , with a low-cost miniature level you can buy at HD/Lowes.

    You can test your present vents using the sites below; also Google troubleshooting steam radiator pipe noise, or water hammer in steam pipes.

    The first part of the sites below discuss hot water radiators; scroll down until you get to the steam section.

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