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    Default Going away in Winter.

    We live in NewEngland and have bought our home last year, we have planned a trip for three weeks in January. I am looking for advice on what all things I need to do before leaving to make sure everything is fine while we are away.

    Appreciate your time and comments on this issue.



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    Default Re: Going away in Winter.

    Don't turn your heat too low because your pipes cold freeze. If you have a programmable thermostat,you could set it to go on and off at certain times. Set your lights on timers, have a neighbor take in your mail and keep an eye on your home.
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    Default Re: Going away in Winter.

    Howdy consider turning off the water at your water meter if it is in your home so if any plumbing failure the water damage is slight. or at least the shut offs to the washing machine.

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