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    Default Home Improvement movie website

    A new website that shows movies containing step by step demonstrations of how to do a number of home improvement projects started in January.
    The site is called www.easydiymovies.com and shows professionals doing home repairs such as floor tiling, replacing a door, replacing a toilet and so on.
    The movies are thorough, explaining the process in easy to watch, simple terms.
    It’s a sort of do-it-yourself 101 showing the techniques that the pro’s use so that in 5 minutes you can do the job yourself. Invaluable tips that make the job easier are interspersed in the programs.

    The movies are well made and narrated to be easy to understand. And the concept is simple: just click on a picture of the project that you’re interested in doing and you’ll see a full demonstration of the job in movie form.
    After watching one of the movies you’ll be able to do the job, they’re comprehensive and easy to understand.

    One of the features of the site is that it’s free, completely free, no teaser and then pay to join or any other catches, just click and watch a movie – free.
    www.easydiymovies.com operates on funding from sponsors who receive light advertising within the movies.

    They’re easy, they’re do-it-yourself, they’re movies, and - they’re free.

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    Default Re: Home Improvement movie website

    Hi, I am planning a large single storey L shaped extension for my house. The walls go right to the perimeter and there is only about 1 meter between my neighbors’ house walls and the walls of my proposed extension. I have ringed my home insurer, who gave me the run around for 30 minutes before I finally conceded defeat. They said that the builder’s insurer would cover damage and that if they would not the neighbors’ insurer would. What is your opinion?

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    Default Re: Home Improvement movie website

    Thanks for the link.....put it in my favorites

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