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    Default Average cost of building a new garage

    Hello everyone -
    First time posting here. My wife and I are considering buying a mfr'd home on 4.99 acres and there is NO garage at all. We have about 20K to have one built. Is that enough to build a basic detached 2 car garage with an extra bay for small farm equipment {and some storage of course**?
    Also, what other options would we have with a budget of 20K?



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    Default Re: Average cost of building a new garage

    Hi, Joe.
    I expect that the reason you haven't received any replies is that there are SO many variables! But it happens that I am in the middle of replacing a garage, so I can tell you what I have found, here in western North Carolina. (Things will be different if you live somewhere else.)
    I wanted to replace my 24x26, concrete block garage, with walk-in door and 16-foot lift-up door, with an identical building. I got 2 quotes, and they were both about $20k (+/- $1k). (To build with wood instead of block would cost about $1500 more.) That includes a cement slab, which was about $3000.
    We didn't want to spend that much, so we're going with a metal building for less than half the cost.
    At first, when we thought "metal building," we cringed. We thought: "Junk." "Industrial." But when we actually went and looked, we changed our minds. We would still rather have something else, but they can look pretty good, if you choose well with the manufacturer as well as your options. If you want to look, you can start with and
    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Average cost of building a new garage

    considering that most "great garage giveaway" drawings I see have budgets of $50k or more I wouldn't think $20 would really be enough.

    Here's one more thing I want you to put in your budget, a storm safe room. It seems like all of the US is now considered an area where microbursts and straight line winds can cause damage, therefore you need to plan for that eventuality.
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    Debby in Oklahoma

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