I have a question about proper ventilation of a crawlspace.
I have experimented and found that opening my foundation vents in the spring and fall rather than in the summer is more effective. With the high humidity levels in the summer in Louisville, KY when I open my vents in the summer my HVAC supply plenium sweats excessively and my crawl feels more damp. I have now closed my vents in the summer and my crawl feels much less humid. I have a French drain system around the exterior of my crawl space. On the ground of my crawlspace I have 4 inches of gravel, 6 mil poly on top of that and 2 more inches of gravel on top of my poly - on the ground in my crawl. I have good slope and extended downspouts for exterior water control.
I now am also wondering if I shouldn't just leave my foundation vents closed all year round? (My house is 2 years old).
What do you think?