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    Default epoxy pipe relining

    Does anyone know if this is a good, safe reliable alternative to replacing pipes? Our new house has had a few water leaks and it looks like the pipes are very thin and prone to pin holes. we have well water and based on the filter in the water softener just installed, there is rust (probably from the well pipe) so that might be part of what is wearing down the pipes.
    The home is in Massachusetts, i'm not sure if there are place that do relining here.

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    Default Re: epoxy pipe relining

    I've never heard of using epoxy to reline water supply pipe, only waste or storm water. Even if you could, I don't think I'd want to drink water from it.
    I think replacing is the only solution. Non-metallic pipe won't be subject to corrosion.

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    Default Re: epoxy pipe relining

    Thanks, the epoxy does worry me as a health concern. Here's the site where I read about it: http://www.aceduraflo.com/fixmypipes.html

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