My bathtub's plunger-type drain stopper doesn't work. I took off the overflow plate and took out the linkage. Instead of a brass cylinder on the end, there was this plastic ring with plastic fingers attached, which sort of forms a slotted cylinder. It obviously can't stop any water from flowing, and the staff of several hardware stores has no idea what it is.

Could there have been a cylinder that fit over the fingers, which is still down in the overflow? I fished around with a coat hanger and couldn't find anything.

This tub is about 20 years old, and it's a jacuzzi which looks like a deep bathtub. The overflow cover plate says American Standard. Any idea what this thing on the end of the linkage was?

Since the tub is so deep, a brass cylinder and linkage I bought aren't long enough -- it needs to be about an inch and a half longer than its longest setting. I'm thinking of bending a hook on the end of another brass rod to make a third section to the linkage. But if there's something stuck in the pipe, this wouldn't work.