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    Post 1930's apartment wall repair

    My wife and I live in a co-op apartment in the Bronx, NY. We got an excellent deal on it and have been making improvements right along. The idea of a Co-op is that general maintenance and heating and hot water are provided everything else is the owners responsibility.

    We recently installed three wall hung steam radiators. They provide decent heat but not so much that we have to keep the windows open. The wall behind where the old radiators were is falling apart. When I try to put an anchor in the hole goes from 1/4" to 3/4" and the anchor fails.

    I feel that it may be time to replace the section of the wall that is failing. I will wait until after the heating season. I am thinking to remove a section of the wall, see what is behind it, probably build a frame and attach a piece of wall board to it. I plan to put two 2x4 studs to take the hangers for the radiators and reinstall them.

    Anyone have suggestions for this plan? I welocme them.
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