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    Default Can the middle of a house be settled?

    We recently bought a 20's era house with a settling problem. The house has settled over the years on all four sides with about a 2-3 inch differential. The settling has been pretty consistent around all four sides and the center has maintained its original position. We looked into jacking up the house and reinforcing the foundation to the tune of $30,000. We also had an engineer advise on the possibility of jacking the house up off the center support beams (in the shelf basement) and then lowering the center slowly over time. This would equalize the center of the house with the lower sides we currently have. Has anyone out there ever done this or seen it done? Is this a good idea or are we crazy??? Would we be better off just leaving things the way they are since reinforcing the foundation is too cost prohibitive? (we will be installing rain gutters shortly since we have since learned this is the main culprit of foundation problems) Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!

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    Default Re: Can the middle of a house be settled?

    That engineers suggestion sounds pretty sexy. Please get pics and follow up if you do it. Will you diy or contract. Deffinitly agree with the stormwater problem. I don't think you are crazy either. You love your house and you want it to be at least sorta level. I get it.

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