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    Cool redoing my basement

    I just got a new house(it,s old) i want to build a workshop in the basement,but the furnace is right in the middle. I want to hide close can i put the walls??? i don,t want to start a fire or not
    meet code i live in pa. thank you. and thanks for all the help,this is a great site.
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    Default Re: redoing my basement

    You would have to contact your local code enforcement office at your local town hall to determine how close you could build your walls to the furnace---these are based on if the new walls are combustible or not (concrete or masonry block)---each town has their own ordinances on these issues.

    Another issue is would it be better to move the furnace closer to the chimney, or a concrete wall and leave enough space/venting so that the furnace flame has enough air to breathe when the new walls are built.

    Do you have any photos you can post???

    Is this forced hot air, hot water, steam??
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