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    Question Oil based over sticky latex?

    Is it okay to use an oil-base over 'sticky' latex? Will it cover the stickiness?

    I painted my kitchen table a few days ago and it's still sticky. I've been painting my furniture for years, this is the first time I've had this problem.

    I really need some help...our plates are sticking to the table!

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    Default Re: Oil based over sticky latex?


    This has long been a problem with latex/acrylic paints. They do not form a hard, non-sticky film as does oil paint. This characteristic is increased in humid situations. I have never like latex paints on fine furniture, especially where items sit on the surface.

    Oil paint will stick to the latex paint and probably alleviate much of the stickiness. You have nothing to lose in trying. YOur alternative is to strip the top and start over. I would wait until the paint is 3 or 4 weeks old to assure it has fully cured.

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    Default Re: Oil based over sticky latex?

    If I were you----since this is a high traffic are you probably want it to be PERFECT right? Well you should strip off the sticky latex paint with BIN paint remover. Then you should prime with an oil based primer such as KILZ or Zinnser. Once that dries you paint with a high quality oil based paint. This will form a hard finish and be the best solution for your countertops. If you want another layer of protection you could coat the oil based paint with an oil based clear coat.

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