Dear TOH;
My home is 10 y/o. We have a gas fire place. We only used it 3 or 4 times since we lived here. The last time we used it, the Vinyl siding on the side of the house melted. I contaced the contractor he told me the pipe that sticks out of the chimney is not long enough, to get air circulation, he told me the pipe needs to be longer. Prior to that he removed the siding, there were no burn marks on the insulation or in the surrounding area. I waited for him to return to put in a longer pipe. I rec'd a letter back from the builder telling me that the melting siding is either from the following: The sun, barbeque grill, or a phenonemon. None of which are true. We ar eno longer using it. Can you give me a suggestions as to what has caused the siding to melt. before we use the fire place I still refer to the manual regarding the position of the damper. If it was not in the correct position, it would not start.
Please help!!!