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    Red face Re: Hot water backing up into cold side of hot water tank

    Thank you all for your suggestions.

    I have also thought of installing the XP tank but I did not fully understand their funciton. I also thought of installing the check valve but wasn't for sure if it would cause excess pressure on the tank. The tank does have the pressure valve on top for safety.

    As for the cold water drip tube, I have removed and inspected it. I found no cracks or holes that should not have been there.

    A cousin suggested to make a loop in the cold water line right before it goes into the take. He called to a dog loop. He said sometimes the hot water will not get past the loop but it doesn't explain the problem I am haveing.


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    Default Re: Hot water backing up into cold side of hot water tank

    Canuk and JackShack provide good insight and info.

    Bledsoe should follow their points & check out the water heater rescue sight.

    i.m. plummin and McDaniel are throwing out all kinds of speculations without first researching the issue.

    Before spending big $$$ on expansion tanks, etc. & doing a lot of work that won't solve the problem, bledsoe has to find out WHY the problem exists.
    Well speaking on my own behalf ... I was just guessing ( speculating) ... whether or not the suggestions were correct .... I can't say.
    I'm thinking the critisisms here are on the harsh side.

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