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    Question DIY fabric window awning

    Hi, I am looking for a DIY pattern-instruction guide to making my own fabric window awnings. I can't seem to get any where with the searches I've done and am gettting a little frustated. I know it can't be that difficult but I just need a little bit of instruction so they dont fall a part or come down with the 1st 5 MHP wind we have. Thank you for your time, Vikki

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    Default Re: DIY fabric window awning

    Double top stitch and double lock everything (Think the inside seams on a pair of Levi's.) and use two layers of your awning fabric for interfacing where you make hems for the grommets.............. Find a commercially made one and copy it. You want to make them so they can be stretched very tight over your frames once tied and not flap in the breeze.

    I have welded up my own frames in the past but if you need them and do not have the equipment a welding shop should be able to make them to your specs.

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    Default Re: DIY fabric window awning

    It really depends on the awning how you sew it. circular ones require more seams and the jeans roll is the best seam for all.

    The easiest awning is a straight one like a fabric shade with a pocket at the end for the awning rod. look for window covering patterns with fabric shades.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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