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    Default "Non-Lethal" Mousetraps by Roger Arquer

    See this blog about it. My fav is the Mouse in a Lightbulb. You've got a use for old lightbulbs--and if you get attached to rodents that invade your house, this is the perfect way to catch them without harming them.

    It could be pretty genius--if it works, that is.

    Have you tried it? Would you? Any other humane pest control ideas out there? What do you ahem do with the mouse once it's caught? isn't the point of catching it...to...err get "rid" of it?
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    Default Re: "Non-Lethal" Mousetraps by Roger Arquer

    That doesn't seem practical, because if it tipped to let the mouse in the mouse can tip it back over to let itself out.

    My aunt has discovered the use of urine covered kitty litter is a great deterrent. She ususually gets 2-4 dead rats and mice a winter under her tub. Since December 9th of 2008 she hasn't had one.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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