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    Default Basement Laundry room - drain overhead quandry

    After searching the boards fairly extensively I have been unable to find any answers to my issue. Either I am the only person who doesn't get this OR the only fool that actually has a upstairs laundry that wants to move it to the basement

    I am annexing the laundry room on the first floor of a 1924 Bungalow to create a Master Bath which it lacks. I have everything I need (power, gas, hot/cold water) in the basement however the drain is overhead ~ 6 or 7 feet. I know that there are sump pumps in a box that are designed for this task and can economically get the gray water to the drain however my issue comes from the fact that the drain I have access to (4" PVC) actually is on the opposite side of the house from the stack and roof vent (with crawl space between the two). The only items on this line are the Kitchen sink which has one of those "burp" valves on it after the trap to keep the suction from pulling the water out. The rest of the bathrooms wye into this line further down under the house towards the front.

    The sumps in a box have a line for a vent but I am unsure exactly how i would vent this. Obviously running a new roof vent over this area is the last thing I want to do. Any wise suggestions or different solutions?

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    Default Re: Basement Laundry room - drain overhead quandry

    Are you on a septic system ?

    Could you provide some pictures of the plumbing arrangement?

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    Default Re: Basement Laundry room - drain overhead quandry

    Here is a quick sketch of my first floor. During a little more discovery I noticed the back bathroom, which will ultimately become the master bath, has a stack vent of it's own that goes into the attic space above that room. It is possible (read- I can belly crawl) pvc from the basement are up and along the crawl space to this bathroom area and then up (since I will have the walls torn out) and connect with this stack above the first floor fixtures. This stack is close to but not quite as high as where the second floor bathroom fixtures are. This second floor bathroom is actually directly above the middle bath in the picture.

    If I run a vent to the back and up should I also take the back bathroom stack and pop it through my roof for good measure? My gut says yes and that the previous owner that added the back bathroom took some shortcuts.

    Here is a pdf sketch of the ist floor and the relative basement space. 1st floor1.pdf

    Thanks for the input. (by the way, this is city sewer)
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    Default Re: Basement Laundry room - drain overhead quandry

    I know of a house that uses the studor valve and a lift pump. My cousin never had any trouble with it.
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    Default Re: Basement Laundry room - drain overhead quandry

    That seems to be what I am hearing. I assume the studor valve should rise above where the water is being pumped to correct?

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    Default Re: Basement Laundry room - drain overhead quandry

    Everybodys posts seem pretty ok I'd check the local code on the air admittance valve. Alot of areas allow them but mine is adamantly against them. I,m surprised you have a basement in a house that old with out a gravity drain. Make sure you put a vertical check on that ejector line and don't skimp on the pump. Find a reputable supplier that will honor the manufacturer's warrantee. use a mechanical couopling in the ejector line to minimize vibration as well. Zoeller makes an integral check and vibration insulator that is very reliable

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