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    I'm adding a sunroom to my 1950 era home and want to use energy efficient windows--LOTS of 'em. When I built my last home, in Florida, using double paned windows , gradual, insidious fogging ruined 2 windows, which had to be replaced after 3or4 years. I don't want this problem in a kitchen-sunroom comprising floor to ceiling windows! Contractors seem to assume that double paned is the way to go. Anyone know of a type or brand of high efficiency windows that are NOT double paned or perhaps with a warranty that actually covers replacement costs?

    Carol (location: outside Philadelphia)

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    I could be wrong but I believe that in the past windows and sliding doors were prone to do that because somehow air bot into them. Just about any window you buy today will be double pain and filled with argon. The problem seems to be fixed and the warranty should cover it if you do have a problem. I wouldn't worry about having that problem again. Hope this helps you out.

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