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    Default Re-connect recessed light fixture

    My brother-in-law removed one of the recessed light fixtures and now the socket for the bulb is loose - so it is impossible to put a light bulb back into it. He said there is a clip of some sort that was used when the fixture was installed and that it can only be done from above so he thinks the whole thing is ruined now . . . The fixtures were in the house when they moved in - they're circular recessed lights that can be swiveled. Is this enough information for anyone to respond? Any help is welcome! My only other thought is to go to Menards and see if I see something similar and ask an employee.


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    Default Re: Re-connect recessed light fixture

    It depends on the manufacturer of the recessed canister. I am familiar with lightolier fixtures...if one rotates the reflector trim piece this allows the reflector to drop out of the ceiling enabling the user to gain access to the light bulb socket holder...the trim piece and the socket holder detach from one another.

    If yours is like this youe may be able to find this clip up in the ceiling or just re-attach the socket holder to the trim.

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    Default Re: Re-connect recessed light fixture

    As was posted, check the manufacturer. It sounds like you might have an eyeball type trim where the the bulb and trim swivels and moves front to back? Whatever type of trim you have, most recessed lights are able to be totally dismantled with the exception of the mounting bracket. If the socket is attached to the trim and it came loose, pull the trim down. It should be spring loaded. If the socket just came off, see if it can be reattached. If it broke, you might have to replace the inner housing. There'll probably be 3 hex screws that you can loosen to lower the housing. There will be a bx cable that runs from the housing to the bracket junction box. Open the junction box, disconnect the wires, and remove the housing. Find the brand name and replace the housing in reverse order, making sure to make tight wire connections.
    If your brand is Halo, you can find replacement parts at Home Depot. Lowe's sells Juno brand. You might try Menards if you have an odd brand. Happy to answer any follow questions you might have.

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