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    Default Tricks to skin-coating drywall on plaster walls

    I have plaster walls in my stairwell that have 2 layers of very old wallpaper. After removing 3 layers of wallpaper from a bedroom walls and ceiling, I was told about "skincoating" drywall over the wallpaper to get a new looking wall. It seems to be working but can be trying. Is there a trick to doing this? I like the results but wonder if I am doing something wrong. I have a difficult time getting it to go on as thin as I would like.

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    Default Re: Tricks to skin-coating drywall on plaster walls

    I beleive you are trying to take the easy way out, but in the end you are making as much or more work for yourself than taking the paper off. Paper normally comes off plaster walls fairly easily when done properly. Plaster is much harder and water impervious than drywall.

    If you skim-coat the paer you might have it bubble up on you as the moisture from the mud works it way through to the wallpaper paste. Before painting over the skim coat, you will have to seal it with a non-water soluable primer, oil or shellac based.

    Personally, I dislike doing things "half-assed", especially when it ends up being as much work as when I had done it right in the first place.

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    Default Re: Tricks to skin-coating drywall on plaster walls

    Personally, skimcoating and evenly sanding the wall afterward requires much more time, patience and skill than scraping wallpaper, and it creates a larger mess -- at least when I do it.

    If you'd rather skim, here's a link to skim coating techniques. I have gotten better results using a 12-inch taping knife rather than the smaller one shown on that link.
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