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    Default Ridiculous Electric Bill


    We live in central Florida and purchased a new construction house in August 07, the electric bill are $400 - $500 a month in the warm weather, I think it's the AC running up the bill since the bills have gone down to around $200 right now.

    Since the first bill I've been keeping the temperature at 78 degrees to try and control the electric costs but with summer approaching I going to to be an expensive year, or a hot one if I cannot figure this out.

    The house is a ranch, block construction, blown insulation in the attic, what else? the ac unit duct work goes through the garage into the attic, the attic gets extremly hot, and so does the garage toward mid-afternoon, perhaps that's ok being Florida.

    Do I need more attic insulation? I read about a radiant barrier?

    Thanks for reading.
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    Default Re: Ridiculous Electric Bill

    A lot of things to consider . How many square feet ? How many people in the house ? Teenagers ? Are you all electric ?
    Any attic ventilation ? Is the ductwork insulated ?

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    Default Re: Ridiculous Electric Bill

    Quote Originally Posted by djohns View Post
    Is the ductwork insulated ?
    That was my first question.

    I'm trying to do the same thing. I did achieve a little savings this summer by keeping the house at 80 during the day and dropping it as the sun goes down. I have one advantage, my ductwork is in a cool slab where yours are up in that hot attic.

    Insulate, insulate and insulate, then Shade the house. Trees or shrubbery that can shade wide expanses of walls which can soak up heat and let it radiate into the house.

    I would also up the insulation in the walls some how, get an infrared survey to see where cool can escape or infiltrate depending on the weather. I think one of our board members is in your area and I'm sure he would know of someone in your area.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: Ridiculous Electric Bill

    dido on the infrared survey. Its fast and it takes the guess work out.

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