I was wondering if anyone knew if it was legal to sell copies of things recorded off the tv?
I have every episode of Ask This Old House all complete 5 seasons 26 episodes each season and up to date on this years 6th season # 17 which I am recording right this moment. They are all burned on DVD from cable and all the commercials have been cut out which took a tremendous amount of time and planning. So far I am on my 19th DVD as I copy about 13 episodes on each DVD for space, quality is not that that of original dvd but better then VHS. I have so many dvd's because I started copying all the Inside This Old House series as they were aired and they don't air them in order so I recorded as then came on, I have 173 out of the 178 total aired shows. When it comes back on later this year I will get the remaining 5 and have them all.
I have also created a library on my computer with descriptions of each episode so in the event I wanted to find a particular subject that I could find in on paper paper first then go to the correct DVD for reference.
It has been a great resource for those who are self proclaimed handymen and/or just fans of the show like I am.
I have a strong feeling it isn't legal but I have seen people sell DVD's of personal recordings from tv on EBay. I know this would generate a lot of interest since they only have season 1 available that I last looked.
Just looking to get affirmation to what I believe is the answer..
Thanks Bill