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    Default Refinishing original Gumwood

    I have a home built in 1927 with all the original gumwood that has never been painted. I am planning on painting all the trim, baseboards and doors in the upstairs to bring in a more updated feel and flow to the rooms but would like to retain the original gumwood in the downstairs living and dining room areas as well as the stairway banaster. It is in fairly good shape but it does have it's share of nicks and is a bit dark from the passage of time. What is the best way to strip the wood and am I taking on a project that is just to consuming. I have tried to do spot sanding and staining but that simply does not work. My friend used denatured alcohol but it was a huge project. I plan to sell the house within the next year. Is there an easy way to simply clean it up? Help. I want to be in Arizona by fall.

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    Default Re: Refinishing original Gumwood

    If you live in New England and are planning on selling in the near future...I would absolutely NOT paint the molding...unpainted molding is an "I want" on alot of buyers' wish lists and commands an price premium.

    Sorry, I know it's not directly answering your question...but....

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