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    Default Tom's Sliding Compound Saw

    I was watching the episode where Tom and Kevin are building the MDF panel wall. Tom uses a sliding compound miter saw to cut the angles in in the trim pieces. I think I saw the name Festool on the blade guard, but I can't find it on the Festool web site. I wonder if anyone knows what brand of saw he was using? I'm in the market for a compound miter saw and just am not thrilled with what I have seen so far. I figure anything by Festool has to be good.
    Thanks in advance for any info.....


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    Default Re: Tom's Sliding Compound Saw

    It is a Festool product... the Kapex, and it's made for the professional!! It will run around $1300. That's right folks... over a grand for a chop saw. I saw it in the 2008/2009 catalog and will be coming out later this year. It is suppose to have awesome dust collect. Therefore the professional can use in the house on a project and not have to run outside everytime they have to make a cut... saving time and therefore saving money.

    I don't think the Mrs. will be letting me bring that saw home!!

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    Default Re: Tom's Sliding Compound Saw

    Quote Originally Posted by TimR View Post
    ... saving time and therefore saving money.
    At that price it had better measure, mark, and make the cuts by itself!
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    Default Re: Tom's Sliding Compound Saw

    Festool is German, big surprise its so good right?

    I'll tell you what, spending $1300 on a sliding compound miter saw that is true and accurate out of the box is fine by me. I will not ruin any pieces of wood and get my work done faster.

    Even though I'm not a contractor I would easily consider buying it because I would probably have it for 20 years...

    Anyway I just mentioned this in another post. Tom switched to this Festool stuff a few years ago I noticed. I'm sure he gets a HUGE discount or even free tools, the exposure on TOH is huge even though they don't specifically mention it! Also Silva Brothers is a pretty big outfit so they are also a reliable "test bed" for new tool designs etc.


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    Default Re: Tom's Sliding Compound Saw

    Very good posts...... thanks for it...

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