I found your website searching the Internet and I was wondering if you
> could give me some advice to my questions.
> We have bought a historical home in Bennettsville SC, which was built
> in 1810.the house has a fantastic history. It is the only house ( 6750 sqf !),which was totally dismantled before the civil war, stored underground and rebuilt at its location now. It also had the first gas and telephone in SC ( Marlboro & Chesterfield County) installed.
> After living here for a while, we found more and more authentically
> Wood, columns and bricks around our plot. We collected everything and
> sorted it out. Now we are trying to sell this wood and the old nails,
> claw foot bathtub and bricks. I am assuming at this point you will ask yourself why does she wants to sell these things. I want to be straight honest with you. I am going through a very tough divorce and my husband is Not paying any mortgage since 4 months anymore. I am on the way of loosing my house; I have already lost my business, as I had a wonderful restaurant in this house. I need to sell these items or I need a miracle or a partner, who helps me financially to get it refinanced and the restaurant reopened. This house is my soul, I love it so much and it is so beautiful, but I cannot do it alone without financial help or selling my wonderful authentic schoolhouse to save my main house.
> I know that there are a lot of owners of historical homes which
> probably advertise to find supplies like that, but I can't find them.
> Can you give me any tips? I also have a schoolhouse from 1810 which I want to sell.

> I can attach some pictures, just in case you might be able to help me. Please write an email to me and i will send you pictures.
> If there is anybody out there who has any idea on how to help me, please contact me.
> I would be happy to hear from you
> Best regards

Sabina Wagner