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    I'm installing new bathroom faucets. I have 3/8" copper pipe coming out of the wall. I purchased the 3/8" compression valves but I can't get them to fit. Can someone explain how this is done?

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    Could you specify exactly where you're having the problem.

    The chrome shutoff valve would be a right angle fitting; the end going to the 3/8" chrome tube to the sink is connected with a coupling nut and compression ring to the metal threads on the body of the shutoff valve.

    The connector to the 3/8" copper tube coming out of the wall (stub-outs) should in your case be the same; when the little nut along with the little compression ring is attached to the threaded shutoff valve, the nut compresses the copper/ring to make a watertight seal.

    But these valves come in a wide variety of fittings to connect to various size water supply pipes; the one you bought at the store should have come with a little compression ring and nut that is fitted over the 3/8" copper tube & then attached by the nut to the shut-off valve.

    But there's a lot of different versions of the shutoff valve because the stubs can be 1/2" copper tubing, or even 3/4" copper tubing or threaded nipples coming out of the wall, & you may have picked up the wrong valve.

    Notice photos 6 & 7 on the TOH site, they show a straight shutoff instead of an angled shutoff, but the idea is the same, except they use a 1/2" threaded pipe coming thru the floor.

    You may have to take the valve back for one that will hook up to the 3/8" copper, or else buy an adapter fitting that goes from the 3/8" "stub-out" to the shutoff valve.

    Review the photos on the sites below, then post back.

    If you have any photos of your shutoff valve fitting, please post.

    The How Stuff Works sites have additional click on topics related to bathroom faucets.,00.html
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