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    Default Toilet Bowl Rust

    I have never liked using a water softner because of the cost and maintainence. However, after six years, I am getting some hard rust and lime deposits in the bottom of the bowl of all my toilets. I have tried products like CLR to remove these ugly staims, but with limited success. Is there an effective product on the market for this purpose? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

    Rusty in Vermont

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    Default Re: Toilet Bowl Rust

    When I moved into my last house ,I had the same problem.I turned the water off to the toilet,then flushed it to drain most of the water.Then I poured bleach into the bowl and let it sit for a couple of days.I scrubed it with a brush and turned on the water and flushed.It came out spotless.Then I moved on to the next toilet.If you do them one at a time it's not to much trouble.I have never tried a water softener,so I can't give any advise about costs.

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