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    Smile Replacement Windows

    We are getting ready to do replacement windows. We live in Tucson, AZ where it does not get real cold. The front of my house faces the street which gets a lot of street noise. I have single pane which are original to the 1981 home. I wanted something that would eliminate a lot of the noise. Is there much differance between double pane and triple pane in terms of noise reduction. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    Smile Re: Replacement Windows

    I live on the Gulf of Mexico coast near Tampa FL and just had all of my windows and doors (single pane) replaced with high impact triple pane replacements. I have realized at least a 75% sound reduction since the installation mid Sept. 2007. Not only has it reduced the noise, but also the heat that filter through before. I also had our local electric company do a free energy inspection and they recommended adding additional insulation to the attic. The insulation was blown in and was very inexpensive. The insulation also helped in some additional noise reduction.
    We also had double hung windows installed and are very pleased that we spent the extra money!
    I hoped this helps and good luck.

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    Default Re: Replacement Windows

    I recently replaced my drafty and noisy steel casements with Kolbe Ultra Series casements. Wood construction, double-paned and vacuumed with argon gas, they are very quiet. I don't hear any road noise or my neighbors. They're almost too quiet as I can no longer hear rain and sometimes even thunder. I think any well-made double-paned, vacuum-sealed window would be more than quiet enough.

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