I'm replacing a toilet in my girlfriend's basement, and the toilet she bought has the bolt holes drilled appx 1/2" too close together. I tried to slightly angle both bolts inward, but the difference is too great, and if one goes in straight, the other one is cocked at an angle that won't allow it to completely come through the hole. The toilet can't be returned, seeing that the girlfriend bought it at an auction, and knowing her she doesn't have any receipt for it. The bolts can't be placed any closer together than directly across from each other on the flange, and the flange is cast iron and fitted into the cement floor of the basement. My question... is there any way to safely drill the bolt holes a bit wider, to widen the gap between them, without cracking the porcelain, or an easy way to remove the flange and replace it with one that I can turn in such a way to move the bolts just a bit closer together? Or maybe another alternative I haven't thought of? Any help will be appreciated. Ken