Sump discharge line split under poured concrete patio, 8 inches below grade. How do I replace it?


I have a sump discharge line that is made of what appears to be stiff rubber. The sump pump connects to the "hose" with hose clamps. The discharge line runs vertically up the wall and makes a 90 degree bend, courtesy of a white plastic barbed fitting (and hose clamps). The dicharge line then runs horizontally through the cinder block wall, under the poured concrete patio and presumably connects to a french drain in the side yard of my property.

The problem is that 15 inches inside the horizontal run (from the pump side) is a large split in this hose. My sump is relatively dry and I have actually never heard the pump run (it works though). My concern is that if the french drain backs up, water will pour out of this split right along the exterior wall of the house and/or when the sump pump discharges water it will do the same thing. I already have mold and effluorescence on the block wall in this immediate area in what otherwise is a very dry basement. Of course I could reroute the sump discharge line but I would still be concerned about the water from the french drain.

How can I replace this section of line if I don't want to disturb the patio on top? Is there a way to locate the line on the other side of the patio to minimize the digging required? What would be the best replacement material, pvc or the same type of hose?

Any and all advice would be appreciated! Thanks.